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Team Anglers

Ray RosherMale
Stephen HaycockMale
Jamie ToddMale
Carter FrithMale
Jonathan ReissMale
Stephanie ChoateFemale
Steven StallingsMale
Alex Mackenzie 
Foster DarlingMale
Bob TraenkleMale

Team CatchStats

Angler Count 10
Total Fish Count 12
Blue Marlin Count 9
White Marlin Count 3

Team Vessel

Vessel Name Reel Addiction
Manufacturer Billy Holden
Model Convertible
Length 48
Home Port
Power Inboard
Engine Mfr Cummins
Vessel Website
Captain Cragin Curtis
Mate(s) Alex Mackenzie


SpeciesCatch Time
Blue Marlin7.22.16 09:09:34
Blue Marlin7.21.16 05:03:36
Blue Marlin7.21.16 03:35:48
Blue Marlin7.14.16 10:03:57
Blue Marlin7.06.16 01:43:07
Blue Marlin7.06.16 01:22:06
White Marlin7.06.16 08:51:53
Blue Marlin7.05.16 03:27:14
Blue Marlin7.05.16 01:48:14
White Marlin7.05.16 08:51:38

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